About us

Telos is a think tank founded by Zaki Laïdi in December 2005 and chaired by Gérard Grunberg since January 2015. Telos aims to comment on global issues in a French society cultivating with anxiety its own differences. The growing distance separating France from other large nations is a real source of concern which needs to be addressed, understood and bridged.Telos hopes to serve simultaneously as a forum for scholars, an intermediary between scholars and the media, and a gateway for communication between scholars and a wider public. Telos has a reformist agenda, but is not affiliated with any political party or institution. Those participating to Telos do so in their strict personal capacity.

ISSN: 2431-6857
  • Gilles Andréani
  • Jean-Louis Bourlanges
  • Cyrille Bret
  • Gilbert Cette
  • Eric Chaney
  • Elie Cohen
  • Monique Dagnaud
  • Julien Damon
  • Kristian Feigelson
  • Olivier Galland
  • Gérard Grunberg (chairman)
  • Florent Parmentier
  • Richard Robert
  • Dominique Schnapper
  • Antoine de Tarlé
  • Virginie Tournay
  • Daniel Vernet
  • Charles Wyplosz